A Long Text to an Atheist Friend…

Regardless of whether we are just a random accident or not I believe the problem with humanity is these two large groups of people that start off telling the same story end up as arch enemies. Now we have what appears to be both sides trying to make the so called “great and glorious end” happen. What’s really happening is humanity is being herded by these two now massive groups into sub groups all the way down to tiny sub groups. They have all these people arguing.

Self fulfilling prophesy is happening. It’s in motion. Real or not. Humanity is on a self destructive path.

??? I don’t know if they just know what was written and they are making it happen. Kind of like a colony of ants they can’t stop this if they tried because it’s gotten so big and out of control. Are people are on autopilot???

Humanity could have been this great or greater a billion years ago and died and came back.

I’m just trying to get through the day and be happy and enjoy the wonders of all creation.

Most likely something/some “one” God, made this all happen but I won’t know until (maybe) after I die.

I can’t worry about that.

I have too many, easily solvable problems to deal with.

I’ll start with those first.

Laundry. My garden. Holding my tongue and being nice. Staying alive in this world with people who hurt people.

You know, shit like that.

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