A Naughty Ceiling Fan?

No, just no.

I have a problem.

I bought a great ceiling fan for my bedroom.

It has re-tractable fan blades. It has LED lights. It dims. It has a remote control you can Bluetooth into it and listen to music because it has a great speaker.

It has modern, elegant looking white metal design. I love the way it looks.

What’s my problem you ask?

It has what appears to be a setting on the light kit that is multicolored.

My elegant ceiling fan looks like Nana has a naughty side where she puts on mood lighting in shades of pink, blue and purple. You combine the mood lighting with the stereo speaker in the center and Nana is now a suspected swinger. Bow chicka wow wow. 🎶

I’m NOT.

What the heck do I do now? I paid over $200 for this fan. There is only one other place other than my bedroom to put it. One the patio. With my hot tub. Oh. God. No. The outcome will be the same.

I’m putting it in the bedroom. There are no returns through Amazon for items with LED lights. The manufacturer won’t answer my cries for help to return it and get a “normal” ceiling fan.

I’m putting it in the bedroom. Let the children and grandchildren whisper. I’m not even going to tell them the tale of my mistake, not fully reading the description on Amazon or looking at all eleven pictures.

I purchased the fan when I was incapacitated . Yeah that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I screwed up.

My reputation is going to be tarnished.

😎 😂

I don’t care.

Now I can watch the Vikings on Netflix in a red glowing room or watch NatGeo ocean documentaries in a soft blue-green light and feel like I’m under water.

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