Contemplating the Idea of Contemplating

While I was contemplating the idea of contemplating, I found the following in Wikipedia:

For Plato, what the contemplative (theoros) contemplates (theorei) are the Forms, the realities underlying the individual appearances, and one who contemplates these atemporal and aspatial realities is enriched with a perspective on ordinary things superior to that of ordinary people.  Philip of Opus viewed theoria as contemplation of the stars, with practical effects in everyday life similar to those that Plato saw as following from contemplation of the Forms.

Aristotle, on the other hand, separated the spectating of theoria from practical purposes, and saw it as an end in itself, the highest activity of man. To indicate that it is the philosopher who devotes himself to pursuits most worthy of a free man, Heraclides of Pontus compared him to a spectator (theoros) at the Olympic spectacle: unlike the other participants, he does not seek either glory, as does the competitor, or money, as does the businessman. Aristotle used the same image:

As we go to the Olympian festival for the sake of the spectacle (θεᾶς), even if nothing more should come of it – for the theoria(θεωρία) itself is more precious than money; and just as we go to theorize(θεωροῦμεν) at the festival of Dionysus not so that we will gain anything from the actors (indeed we pay to see them) … so too the theoria(θεωρία) of the universe must be honoured above all things that are considered to be useful. For surely we would not go to such trouble to see men imitating women and slaves, or athletes fighting and running, and not consider it right to theorize without payment (θεωρεῖν ἀμισθί) the nature and truth of reality.

Indeed, Andrea Wilson Nightingale says that Aristotle considers that those who, instead of pursuing theoria for its own sake, would put it to useful ends would be engaging in theoria in the wrong way, and Richard Kraut says that, for Aristotle, theoretical activity alone has limitless value.

 Thomas Louis Schubeck says that, in Aristotle’s view, the knowledge that guides ethical political activity does not belong to theoria. “Leading a contemplative life can be considered Aristotle’s answer to the question what life humans ought to live. … The more humans engage in contemplation, the closer they are to their gods and the more perfect will be their happiness.”

Aristotle’s view that the best life would be a purely contemplative (intellectual) one was disputed by the Stoics and others, such as the Epicureans, who saw speculation as inferior to practical ethics. Middle Platonism and Neoplatonism considered contemplation superior and saw as its goal the knowledge of God or union with him, so that a “contemplative life” was a life devoted to God rather than to any kind of activity.

Thunderstorms & Camomile

While nervously watching the weather, I decided to harvest my strawberries and camomile.

He decided to cook a pizza on the grill while watching the tornadic skies. The dogs don’t seem to be too scared. I better go cover up the plants.

Holy shit! We have twin tornados on the ground close to here.

It’s going to be a long night.

Let’s Talk Sofa-king


I don’t know. I could be wrong but I think I just found the Sofa-King. Yes. THE best sofa in the world.

Behold a sleek, Danish-inspired chaise sectional that features oversized cloud-like cushions, wide armrests and a contrasting solid wood base.
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I need this in my life. Be prepared. It’s pricey. It’s beautiful. It looks like my large husband won’t break it when he swan dives in for a well deserved nap.

A Long Text to an Atheist Friend…

Regardless of whether we are just a random accident or not I believe the problem with humanity is these two large groups of people that start off telling the same story end up as arch enemies. Now we have what appears to be both sides trying to make the so called “great and glorious end” happen. What’s really happening is humanity is being herded by these two now massive groups into sub groups all the way down to tiny sub groups. They have all these people arguing.

Self fulfilling prophesy is happening. It’s in motion. Real or not. Humanity is on a self destructive path.

??? I don’t know if they just know what was written and they are making it happen. Kind of like a colony of ants they can’t stop this if they tried because it’s gotten so big and out of control. Are people are on autopilot???

Humanity could have been this great or greater a billion years ago and died and came back.

I’m just trying to get through the day and be happy and enjoy the wonders of all creation.

Most likely something/some “one” God, made this all happen but I won’t know until (maybe) after I die.

I can’t worry about that.

I have too many, easily solvable problems to deal with.

I’ll start with those first.

Laundry. My garden. Holding my tongue and being nice. Staying alive in this world with people who hurt people.

You know, shit like that.

Thursday Thoughts

We are slaves. There is no doubt. We pretend like we aren’t.

If the day ever comes and I live to be a senior. If I have no other choice but government aid or freedom from the slavery. I will choose freedom. Even at the cost of an early demise.

I never intend on going on Social Security or Medicare. I understand that may mean I die with out proper medical care in some cases, if I can’t afford it. It’s worth it to have total control of my life and my property. My choice. I do not begrudge anyone else a different choice or view point.

I want control of my life, free of government oversight. If they don’t pay, they have no say.

I willingly pay into a system I won’t receive money from because I am glad to pay for someone else if that’s what they want. I have a choice to work my job and pay up or not to. At least for now.

Freedom to make my healthcare and financial decisions without being bullied is important to me. My dad was forced into therapies he didn’t want or need because of threats the gov. wouldn’t pay other bills if he refused. He was dying. He should have been able to say “hey I want to leave today and go home for a few hours”. Or “I want an ambulance. I would like to try and stay alive another week”.


He was being used as a cash cow. Basically, threatened the family that if he didn’t do as they say and use their facilities and personnel. They would medically code the paper work so Medicare didn’t pay for his, let’s say; last extended hospital stay or for hospice if we decide take him to an emergency room or call an ambulance.

So, your life quality is hell. In the case of hospice, you die so the gov. never has to pay again either way) They suck every last drop out of your gov. insurance by using threats. Or they do the gov. bidding and threaten to stop paying if you call for outside help when you have already signed the dotted line to give up.

No changing your mind, or else! The guilt that causes sometimes. It’s hard.

I hope I die surrounded by loved ones, in peace and quiet.

No government breathing down necks to get it over with. Or other wise known as stop the payments to the no longer needed slave.

There will be no huge bills being paid by the taxpayers or anyone else.

Comfort us in our sicknesses, a gentle touch, peaceful words.

Burn our earthly bodies in funeral pyres and bury us in the ground.

Pray for our souls.

No more, no less.


My Life, My Rules

Don’t shut others down, wait your turn.

Pay close attention to all that speak to you, they may hold the secret to your success some day.

Put yourself in everyone’s shoes for just a moment as you encounter them. This builds empathy, love and care.

In addition:

Care deeply for you own well being and always trust your gut feelings. They aren’t always right but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Shine your self up, good hygiene just makes you feel good and prepared for the day.

Read books, just do it. It won’t kill you. You might actually enjoy it.